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Gypsyrobot is the only currently known living member of Dr. Gero’s secret entertainer Cyborg-series #4. Similarly to #16, who was modeled to Gero’s dead son, the body of Gypsyrobot was deliberately designed to a gentle soul, in alignment with his entertaining nature, and in order to avoid the risk of being destroyed by him. Gero was originally planned to create android twins – one female, one male – using a future Hungarian-Gypsy couples’ genes, but an unidentified radioactive radiation reached the laboratory during the experiment. As the result of the radiation, he was no longer sure in the goodness of his creations, therefore he wanted to keep them far from himself. He traveled back to the Future and implemented the embryos into the original biological mother. The female fetus did not survive the vicissitudes, but the Universe already sent down two souls. They finally arrived in one remained, male body.
This is how Gypsyrobot was born to the other side of the Earth with two souls and Gypsy roots, with their aim: to make Humans entertain and dance with the music and images from the Past, the Present and the Future.
The female soul of Gypsyrobot is Lacika. Her main musical profile is disco, prescribed by her biological father. The male soul is called Kui, he plays in the genres house and techno mainly. Kui produces the own videoloops of Gypsyrobot. The simultaneous presence of two souls operates Gypsyrobot, who collects, plays and creates regardless of genre for a refreshing and soul-liberating musical and visual experience. The running programs on Gypsyrobot call to life the other members of the “One-man Gypsy Band”, farkaslaszlo and L4.